Review from 2009 Summer Tour
Review - Lowestoft Journal 24 (online edition) 29 April 2009

James Prosper Goody: Visions of an Old Campaigner
Crown Street Hall, Lowestoft

Home-spun philosophy delights audience

IT has been over a year since James Prosper Goody shared his home-spun philosophy with an audience, recounting his tale Visions of an Old Campaigner, so it was with warm anticipation that we awaited his return, having chosen Crown Street Hall, Lowestoft's first historical theatre, to begin the extensive summer tour.

Written composed and performed by the immensely experienced Nick Murray-Brown, he unleashed a shed load of diverse characters, all of whom had some affect and influence on the life of this apparently simple, but ultimately deeply complex being.

Debating the origin of life, the universe and everything, James Prosper Goody plays devil's advocate to the religious and evolutionary theories of creation.

But the often machine gun speed of the dialogue was only one aspect that this show offers.

Nick brings his talent as a musician to the fore as he delights the audience with songs, tunes and lyrics that take you by surprise every time.

And as James Prosper Goody philosophised, analysed, contemplated and pontificated through many poignant and memorable moments in his life, people who had seen the show before could tell that Nick has spent some time honing and working this performance, paying even more attention to detail, sharper than a razor, if that is at all possible.

James Prosper Goody is one of life's fighters and survivors, always recovering from all the disappointments he has had in his life, using his simple outlook on life to bounce back and get on with his lot.

It's a sharply unique creation, penned and performed by the one of the most versatile and talented entertainers on the circuit today.

He will be ending this particular journey at the Seagull Theatre, in Pakefield on Saturday, June 27.


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